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Beautiful Honda Four Latest Specification

In the Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 Honda launched four new vehicles consisting of a Honda Fit Hybrid, Honda Fit EV Concept, Honda CR-Z Honda Brio and more environmentally friendly, want to know what kind of vehicle ngak the new Honda?

1. Honda Fit Hybrid, Hybrid Cars With Honda Jazz Platform

Honda Fit Hatchback Hybrid Hybrid is the first of which is implemented to model Honda hatchback Honda Jazz. Honda Motor Co.. Ltd. released the Honda Fit Hybrid on October 8, 2010. Honda Fit Hybrid uses Honda engine 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine combined with battery power of the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). Development of compact-sized hybrid car can be created thanks to the development of compact sized battery.

Fuel consumption rate for the Honda Fit Hybrid is able to reach 1 liter to 30 kilometers based on the results of research conducted by the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan. Honda Fit Hybrid feature a number of features such as; ContinuouslyVariable Transmission (CVT) on the acceleration of the transmission system.
Keys Eco Assist (Ecological Drive Assist System) found on the Honda Fit Hybrid helps the driver achieve a fuel consumption rate is more economical. Honda Fit Hybrid is also equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Cruise Control.

Unique Honda Fit Hybrid is equipped with design front grille and rear license garnishyang looks futuristic with a touch of chrome color. Honda Fit Hybrid also is equipped with turn signal mirrors, and power retractable mirrorsementara head light and tail light using a new design. Design front and rear lights predominantly white. While the interior, the cabin design and the dashboard of his dark blue combined with illumination on the instrument panel.
Seats made of leather and can be arranged in accordance with the wishes and needs of motorists. Honda Fit Hybrid to introduce the newest feature Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) in the rear cargo area that makes a permanent seat location convenient for the unique characteristics of the IPU which consists of a Power Control Unit (PCU), the IMA battery. Honda Fit Hybrid is also equipped with Honda HDD Inter-navi system that can display various information about the weather, as well as a service, and telecommunications. Besides Honda Fit Hybrid is also equipped with Bluetooth.

2. Honda Fit EV Concept, Concept Cars, Electric Plug-in Hybrid First Honda

Honda Motor Co.., Ltd. launched the Honda Fit EV Concept on 17 November 2010 on the event in 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda Fit EV Concept is using the platform plug-in hybrid electric power system as well as driving. Both are integrated in the Honda Electric Mobility Network, which aims to comprehensively reduce CO2 emissions through innovative products, energy reservation management, and reservation-based energy production technologies.

Honda Fit EV Concept is a benchmark in terms of producing electricity-based vehicles in the future, which will begin to be introduced in the United States and Japan in 2012. Car-based platform plug-in hybrid will be the next generation of Honda cars, which will be introduced from 2012.

Honda Fit EV Concept is designed to meet the needs of everyday driving the commuter metropolitan.Honda Fit EV Concept uses a lithium-ion battery and coaxial electric motor capable of generating a top speed of up to 90 mph.

Honda Fit EV Concept is able to reach a distance of 100 miles per charge using the U.S. EPA LA4. Achievement of these distances can be maximized by the use of three-mode systems and innovative electrical (Econ, Normal, Sport), which was adopted from the Honda CR-Z. In Econ mode, mileage can increase by 17% comparable to the Normal mode, while for the Sport mode by 25%. When the car is in Sport mode, the acceleration will increase significantly.

In addition to the three control modes, the Honda Fit EV Concept is also equipped with interactive features that can help you save on battery power. A display meter specially designed to give the driver the option to turn off air conditioning or other electronic devices are not used to save energy in the battery.

Fit EV Concept is equipped with connectivity system that allows you to stay connected with your smartphone and personal computers, and also the Honda-exclusive remote system that serves to regulate the entire connectivity in the car such as air conditioning regulators, and others. In addition, the Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System serves as a GPS that accompany your journey.

Fit EV Concept is designed to be easy and convenient in-charge. 6 KwH battery Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with approximately 12 hours using 12-volt power outlet, whereas when using a 240-volt power outlet only requires recharging time for approximately 6 hours. Fit EV Concept uses a new feature is the Electronic transmission - Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT).

Honda Fit EV Concept impressed sporty and dynamic use of alloy bars are also given a touch of five similar color to the body. Design front grill, headlights, rear lights, front bumper, rear bumper and tail light is different from existing models of the Honda Fit now. The addition of shark fins to be one characteristic of this concept car. For the interior, light gray color of choice to decorate the interior of this car seat.

3. Honda CRZ, Honda's First Hybrid Sports Car

Honda CR-Z is Honda's first hybrid sports car that was introduced at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, USA on January 11, 2010. Honda CR-Z is a merger between a sports car (coupe) and the hybrid are made for people who are adventurous and love the environment, which prioritizes the style and fun, efficiency and economy.

Honda CR-Z carrying the 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine combined with battery technology Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). When the car accelerates both work together but at the time of braking and cornering maneuvers, power generated by the car stored in kinetic energy in the form of IMA devices thus making the fuel consumption becomes more efficient.

IMA device is equipped with a battery-powered 100 volts. Performance of the CR-Z hybrid engine capable of producing maximum power at 122 horsepower engine rev 6000. Fuel consumption rate can reach 1 liter of gasoline consumption to 37 kilometers in mileage in the city and 1 liter of gasoline for mileage 40 miles out of town. Honda CR-Z has been named as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) standards in the United States based on the research results of the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Honda CR-Z featuring three driving modes, namely Sport, Econ, and Normal. Sport mode makes the car more responsive performance at high speeds. Mode normalmembuat engine performance and wheel work synergistically. Econ mode makes the engine performance synergized with driving an environmentally friendly manner. Econ mode can be switched on when the car drove in a constant state which makes the machine is only a small drain IMA battery power so that fuel consumption can be suppressed.

Honda CR-Z has also been supplemented by ABS and EBD Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and SRS Air Bag. Transmission system using ContinuouslyVariable Transmission (CVT). Honda CR-Z is also equipped with other features such as cruise control, paddle shift gear, immobilizer, and much more.

Impressed sporty exterior design viewed from the front grille which lebar.Honda CR-Z uses 17-inch alloy wheels as well as Mac Pherson suspension. Honda CR-Z using headlights High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and fog lamps. The interior itself impressed ergonomic, comfortable, and certainly sporty seen from the front while the rear seat is designed for multi-purpose cargo to the rider. There are a tachometer on the dashboard instrument panel depicting three bias light produced when the car accelerates. Honda CR-Z is also equipped with Bluetooth and handsfree.

Honda CR-Z was chosen as the "Japan Car of the Year 2010-2011" of the Japan Car of the Year Executive Committee.Awal in 2011, Honda released the Honda CR-Z edition of the Japan Car of the Year by the addition of JCOTY sticker on the door right side glass . For the interior, the gas and brake pedals are designed to affirm a more sporty image as the Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car. While wheels are used to use version of Modulo accessories.

Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid also became the first car off at the end of Le Mans race in June 2011. Honda CR-Z appeared at Le Mans session vers le Futur, which is a special session for racing cars of the future. Previously Honda CR-Z Racing also competed in the race SEMA event in Las Vegas, United States and also Thunderhill 25 Hours in San Francisco, United States in late 2010 ago.

4. BRIO Honda, Honda City Commuter of the Affordable and Environmentally Friendly

Honda Brio is the latest entry level model from Honda. Shown with the concept of "Man Maximum, Machine Minimum" which means maximizing existing space for passengers and minimize the space required for components which are mechanical,

Honda Brio specifically designed for the urban, and this car as a suitable entry-level car sold in the state berkembang.Honda Brio accordance with the lifestyle and the style most people driving a stylish and compact, but relieved as well as fuel-efficient car that reflects a brand who trusted in promoting cutting edge technology and security.

Brio uses Honda's i-VTEC Honda engine 1.2-liter 4-cylinder that can generate power 90 dk. Levels of fuel consumption can save as much as 5 liters of fuel for a distance of 100 km. Honda Brio also meets Euro 4 emission standards.

Brio uses Honda's Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on the acceleration system transmisinya.Honda Brio also equipped with technology and features such as dual front SRS airbags, disc brakes, Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). Besides Honda Brio also use the technology Honda's G-Force Control (G-CON)

Technology and features of the Honda Brio is able to provide good driving performance, comfort control, and high levels of security. Honda Brio has a long dimension of 3.610 mm, width 1.680 mm, and height of 1.485 mm. Honda Brio is also equipped with immobilizer feature.


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